St. Valentine
Christian doctor
-Rome, 2,000 years ago
-special abilities
-cured diseases
Emporer Claudius
-against beliefs
-different gods
-sent Valentine to jail
-sentenced to death
In prison
-friends with jailer's daughter
-cures blindness
Killed on Feb. 14
-sent note to girl
-"From Your Valentine"
-first Valentine message

More than 2,000 years ago in Rome, there was a Christian doctor named Valentine. According to legend, Valentine had special abilities that allowed him to cure many diseases. However, a Roman emporer named Claudius did not like Valentine's Christian beliefs. At that time, most Romans believed in different gods and goddesses. Claudius sent Valentine to jail, where he was sentenced to death for his unpopular beliefs. While he was imprisoned, Valentine became friends with the jailer's blind daughter, and he used his special abilities to cure her blindness. Valentine was killed on February 14, but before he died, he sent a special note to the girl and signed it "From Your Valentine." This note of friendship was the world's first Valentine message. Next