Festival of Lupercalia
Feb. 15:
-honoured Lupercus
-keeper of crops, animals
-later honoured Juno
-queen of gods
-guardian of women and marriage
Festival game:
-females wrote names on paper
-dropped in jar
-males drew names
-danced together
-celebrations of fun and love
-still part of tradition

Many years ago, the Romans celebrated the festival of Lupercalia on February 15. At first, the festival honoured the Roman god Lupercus, keeper of the crops and farm animals. However, as time passed, the Romans began to honour a different god during the festival. Her name was Juno, queen of the Roman gods and guardian of women and marriage. At the festival, all unmarried people played a special game. All the females wrote their names on pieces of paper and dropped them into a big jar. Then, all the males drew names from the jar and spent the festival dancing with the person whose name they had selected. Celebrations of fun and love are still a part of today's Valentine tradition. Next