WritingDEN is designed for students Grades 6 through 12 seeking to improve their English reading, comprehension, and writing skills. WritingDEN is divided into three levels of difficulty: Words, Sentences and Paragraphs.

  • "Words" will help increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation
  • "Sentences" will improve your reading comprehension and listening skills
  • "Paragraphs" will show you how to organize and edit your writing

The Words and Sentences sections include Real Audio clips. Simply click the speaker icon to hear words pronounced and sentences narrated. (NOTE: you will need a Real Audio plug-in to listen to the pronunciations and narrations. If you don't have the plug-in, visit the Real Audio site to download one for your browser.)

In the Paragraphs Section, you will see an essay that expands on the topics discussed in Words and Sentences. Beside each essay, there is a note set that shows you how the essay has been organized. Look at these essay notes and learn how to organize your own essays in a similar way.

All three levels have quizzes that will test what you have learned. Simply select your answers, send them in -- and within a few seconds, WritingDEN will tell you how you scored.

We will be adding new features to WritingDEN in the near future. Stay tuned: we will make sure to let you know when these features arrive!

If you have any questions about WritingDEN, please contact us. Thanks for visiting!