The Treasure Hunt on Oak Island

Oak Island Treasure Hunt
When? -1795
Who? -three boys
Found: -a deep hole
Result: -gave up after 30 feet

When? -1803
-three boys and experts
Found: -more wooden platforms
-flat stone with etchings
Result: -pit filled with sea water

The world’s most famous treasure hunt began in 1795, when three boys discovered a deep hole on Oak Island. Although they were convinced that someone had buried something valuable there, the boys gave up after digging to the 30-foot level.

In 1803, the boys returned to Oak Island with several experts. They dug 90 feet into the "Money Pit" and found several more wooden platforms. They also discovered a large, flat stone with peculiar etchings on it. The excavation came to an end when the pit suddenly filled with sea water from an underground flood tunnel.