Socialized Medicine
-worked as a surgeon
-became famous for his work
-1928 to 1936
-proposed health care system
-presented idea to government
-negative reaction
-became unpopular

From 1928 to 1936, Bethune worked as a thoracic surgeon in Montreal. He became famous there for his treatment of tuberculosis patients. Although he cured hundreds of cases successfully, many of his poorer patients became ill again when they returned to crowded, unsanitary homes. Bethune realized they could not be cured without proper living conditions and medical care. He wanted the medical system to provide the same level of health care for everyone. Bethune, and others with similar ideas, developed a plan for socialized medicine. However, when they presented it to the government they received a strong negative reaction. Bethune became unpopular among other doctors who thought his ideas were too radical. Next