Floating to Dawson
-Lake Bennett to Dawson
-rough rapids
-many people killed
-many boats wrecked
-rough rapids
-only 1/3 reached the Klondike

The Chilkoot and White Pass routes both led to Lake Bennett. At the lake, Klondikers used trees to build boats and rafts. Then they floated their vessels across the lake and down the Yukon River to Dawson. The worst part of the trip was Miles Canyon. There, rough rapids killed 50 people and wrecked 150 rafts in the first summer. Klondikers that made it past Miles Canyon were guaranteed to reach the Klondike Goldfields in two weeks time. However, there were few people who were so fortunate. Of the 100,000 adventurers that set out for the Yukon, only one-third reached their final destination. Next