The United States
Amount of Trade:
-most important partner
-77 per cent of Canada’s exports
-65 per cent of Canada’s imports
Canada’s Exports:
-cars, auto parts, lumber, forest products
Canada’s Imports:
-fruits, vegetables, machinery
Methods of Transportation:
-truck, plane, ship, train

The U.S. is Canada’s most important trading partner. Approximately 77 per cent of Canadian export goods go to the U.S. and 65 per cent of Canada’s imports come from the U.S. Canada’s biggest exports to the U.S. are cars and auto parts. Canada also exports lumber and forest products such as building materials, wood pulp, and newsprint. Canada imports different types of machinery from the U.S. including planes and office and farm machines. Canada also imports fruits and vegetables from the U.S. The goods travel between the two countries by truck, plane, ship, and train. Next