Italian Meals
Types of Food:
-meat, seafood, pasta, tomato sauce
-vegetables, olive oil, cheese
-spicy hot, mild and tangy
Serving Style:
-one dish at a time
-eaten with knife, fork, spoon
Where Canadians eat it:
-at home
-in restaurants

-many other foods
-reflect cultures
-Canadians have choice

Italian food includes many types of meat, seafood, pasta noodles, tomato sauce, vegetables, olive oil, bread and cheese. The taste of the food ranges from spicy hot to mild and tangy. Dishes are usually served one at a time, and the food is eaten with a knife, fork, and spoon. Canadians like to order Italian food -- especially pizza -- for takeout or delivery to their homes. Many Canadians also enjoy Italian restaurants.

There are many other types of food available in Canada, each reflecting the multicultural heritage of the country. Canadians are fortunate to have such a rich choice of foods.

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